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Chrissy Norman using the Krause etching press
Peter Wilford at the inking hot plates

Sudbourne Park Printmakers
is a group of 30 artists. We are based in a well equipped workshop in rural Suffolk and produce a diverse range of exciting work using a wide range of printmaking techniques. We exhibit together in Suffolk at least twice a year and as individual artists in many different venues across the UK.

The workshop in Bothy Yard lies in a parkland setting one mile from Orford on the Suffolk coast.

Sudbourne Printmaking workshop provides well equipped facilities for its artist members to develop their work in a range of techniques including etching and relief printing.

We offer membership, with technical support, for one day a week over thirty weeks a year. We also run six two-day courses in etching and woodcut printmaking open to all adults interested in learning these printmaking techniques or improving their skills.

Master Printmaker Gareth Jones founded the Ufford Print Workshop in 1991. It was very successful and there came a time when there was a need for more space. With the help of some Ufford Park fellow printmakers, Gareth established Sudbourne Park Printmakers in 2002. Since then Gareth has provided valuable and expert supervision, technical support and guidance for members. Sadly, due to ill health, he stood down in 2020. However, he still plays an active part in the running of the group.

Technical support is now provided by an experienced Technical Team of members.

The story of Gareth Jones and Sudbourne Park Printmakers is told in a
paperback book now available. Comprising 142 A4 pages with over 300 photographs, it illustrates Gareth's life in printmaking and includes the history of the development of the group. The book includes short biographies of current and past members of Sudbourne Park Printmakers and photos of their work. The price is £16 including packing and postage for one book within UK. You can buy it online here.

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Gill Bedson using the big Columbian press

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Jen Hall on the Kimber press

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